Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a Dog's Life

When Kate and I started dating we often talked of what our future life might hold, as young kids in love often do. Our daydreams included kids, and cars, and a house, and a dog... many of the normal things you plan to have when you're older and mature and free to do as you please. As we made our life together, we've slowly worked on each of those goals, meeting them with varying degrees of success.

Our first child arrived in 2004 and our lives were instantly changed forever. Our eyes were opened. Nat was adorable. She was our pride and joy. She was our little drama queen. She was a nightmare to put to sleep.

We worked through those issues, and in 2008 moved on to our second child. Godzilla was my handsome mister. He was my heir. He was the reason the world turned upside down as far as his sister was concerned.

Two kids down and we went looking for a house. 2009 brought it to us, and while it is not the house of our teenage dreams, we have made it our home.

And once we had our home... we could finally get the dog we always wanted.

Enter Aurora.

Isn't she sweet?