Wednesday, January 11, 2017


How many terrible kids shows have you sat through in your life as a parent? How many times have you had to suspend disbelief in order to keep from pulling out your hair at the asinine stunts pulled off by animated animals? How often have you had to remind yourself that cartoons have their own laws of physics, and do not subscribe to Newton's big three? How many times have you wanted to reach through the screen to strangle some insufferable pest of a protagonist?

Now, have you ever had to describe the experience to someone who has never seen the show? I decided to give it a shot over on Twitter. You should too, I'm sure you'll find it cathartic. If not, please don't hate me for finding it so. I just can't take any more of that bad acting or that incredibly grating voice!

My kids have a few favorites that got the treatment. Can you guess what they are?

I also took submissions. Many of these we've watched, they all fit the theme.

The best one naturally pairs to possibly the worst cartoon of all time...

Did you get them all? Have more to add? Leave a comment, or head over to Twitter and don't forget to hashtag it!