Saturday, September 21, 2013

USP - Unscheduled Sleep Positions VI

Now this is a sight I like to see. If he can pass out on the carpet, he must be playing hard.

The trouble with this though, lies in the timing. I'm sure he could get a good hour and a half in, and at 11 am, no problem. But at 6 pm? It's just too much sleep, too late in the day!

Just before Godzilla turned three, Kate and I would get into it about naps. I loved getting him down around 2 and letting him sleep for two hours, then going to work. It really eased up the end of my day at home. But every day he took a nap for me, he was up that much later for her at bedtime. He was so tired and cranky, he needed the nap, and I needed him to have the nap, but then he wasn't tired at night. Eventually, his bedtime routine won out and our daily midday naps ended. So, this is what we get now from him. And even these are falling away, becoming less frequent.

So, when I find him like this, I'm happy to snap a picture and let him sleep as long as he needs. If he's falling asleep while the dump trucks are still out, he probably shouldn't be operating heavy machinery anyway!

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