Monday, January 13, 2014

Stuff My Kids Say IX

Godzilla: "Dad, I've been trying to be like you all year! And I finally did it!"

I should be proud that my boy wants to be like me, but this declaration was not over something to be proud of.

I let my childhood affect my parenting...

As with all kids at one time or another, many of Godzilla's pants run one size too long in the leg. To help him feel OK with it one day, months ago, when he was convinced he couldn't wear a particular pair of jeans I told him a tale of this "awesome thing Daddy did when he was a little boy" and I then proceeded to tight-roll his jeans. If you're not a child of the 80's, the term might be lost on you, but if you are, you know just what kind of a mistake I made.

He's been begging me to roll them again ever since. Well, he finally rolled his pants in what seems to him a satisfactory facsimile of my masterful original roll.

Thanks to my "problem solving", I now need to be on the look out for "Member's Only" jackets, Ray-Bans, and overalls to show up in his closet!

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