Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stuff My Kids Say XI

Godzilla: "You just don't get kids. You don't get us... No. You. Don't..."

Seems I got told, though I think this will hurt more when he's 15 and saying the same.

However, it really begs the question, what is it I don't get? There is a lot of things that change from the time you are 5 to the time you are 35, but I didn't think I had lost touch just yet! Not only that, but while my parents had "My Generation", my generation had "Parents Just Don't Understand". So... you know... I get it.

I know yutes don't still say "radical" or "like" but rather "OMG" and "totes".

I get down on the floor with Godzilla (when my knees allow it) and play with his trucks and superheros and Lego bricks. I let him crawl on me. We ride our bikes together, with him traveling "faster than a peregrine falcon." These are things I did with my dad long ago in the dark ages.

We play video games together, Mario, Link, Godzilla and me.

We even shave together!

I suppose the difference lies between these things which mean something to me, and the things which mean something to him.

This might be like one of those hearing test things though. The ones where only those under a certain age are supposed to be able to hear the sound. And I must finally be on the other side, the guy saying: "What, I didn't hear anything."

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