Thursday, July 31, 2014

Breakfast and Cartoons

I like drawing.

My kids like to eat.

So, it wasn't a huge leap for me to connect the two.

The genius of this project however, is that beyond drawing, I like to sleep.

Once the kids were old enough that I could trust them to eat unsupervised, I started sketching some of their favorite cartoon characters on post-it notes. I picked ones which each of them individually liked more than the other, so there would be no confusion. I then stuck them to Correlle lids and filled two bowls with some of their favorite cereal. Place a cup of milk for each of them in the fridge, and I found myself an extra half hour of sleep.

The early ones were simple pencil sketches with a single highlight color.

I branched out a bit in the next ones, adding more color, perhaps refining the lines with ink, but the trick was to really leave the process organic, as the original idea was to give myself a little bit of a break.

Of course, they have their favorites, and I have mine. Godzilla was really thrilled over Spider-Man, and Nat went the most nuts when she saw Minka from Littlest Pet Shop.

It's been a regular run of superheroes and adorable animals. With the occasional adorable superhero thrown in for good measure.

I'll try just about anything I feel I can draw for them, but they'll give me some ideas of who are their favorites, and I'll take it from there.

When in doubt about who to put up for my boy, one can never go wrong with Superman.

Coming down the pipeline still are Godzilla, Captain America, Tinkerbell, and R2D2, among others.

Of course, the options are limitless. What are we missing? We could go old-school with Popeye and Yogi Bear (who, as a good dad, I've already introduced my kids to). We could also go new-school with the crew from Teen Titans Go or Adventure Time or Gravity Falls... ooh, there's a good one.

Now, back to the (literal) drawing board.


yup, Popeye and Mabel showed up this week, only a few more before we head back to school.


  1. My boy's nickname is Popeye so I'm all for that one. After that, maybe start slipping in some characters from Archer.

    1. Archer would be great, then I can chase those with some Robot Chicken! But first, I'll knock out a Popeye next in that Poore baby's honor!

  2. It's cool that you can use your artistic skills to help get some sleep. Nice work,
    If only I could draw...

    1. Try stick figures, I'm sure the kids would get into it still. Maybe build a flip book over the course of a week for them to put together. A simple action like base-jumping off a cliff could be fun!