Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jumping Rope for Ducks

Godzilla just started at a new school, after we uprooted the family and moved to a new city. One of the first things he came home with from his new class, was a donation kit for Jump Rope for Heart. He walked in to the house so very excited about getting on with the fundraising. No small part of his excitement stemmed from the fact that he could earn amazing prizes at different levels for funds raised. The biggest draw were these little rubber ducks. The joy on his face as he told me all about which ducks he wanted shone like the sun. "Look at this one Dad! It's called splatter duck, because it looks like he's all splattered with paint!" and "I really want this one, because it looks like he's a super spy!" Words spilled out of his mouth at a rate I rarely hear, and this kid can talk!

He also told me about how he was working out in gym class to learn about heart health and how important it is to stay active through the Jump Rope for Heart campagn. This is where I began to get impressed with his excitement for Jump Rope for Heart.

Anyone can get excited about getting prizes, but to get excited about making change as well, gets me excited.

Of course, heart disease affects a lot of people, many in his own life, whether he realizes it or not. One in every four deaths in the US is from heart disease. Both my wife and my's families have histories of heart problems. There have been heart attacks, heart surgeries, heart medications, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. etc. etc. It's all sitting there, right under his nose, and he's learning how to take care of his heart. He's learning how important it is, he's learning what he can do for himself and for others around him, to promote heart health. And moreover, he is raising money so that knowledge can be passed on. He is raising money for research, for new medications, and so that new treatments can be discovered.

Sure, there's also this duck he still desperately wants to earn... If you want to check out his progress, or throw your support behind his Jump Rope for Heart campaign, check out his fundraising website!

Of course, you shouldn't take my word for it, he has his own sales pitch:

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