Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stuff My Kids Say XVII

"Why aren't you passed yet?"

Godzilla, 7

Hold on, that doesn't really do the line justice. Lets pour on some perspective.

We sat down to lunch this past weekend, and began talking about our day, our week, the projects we had to do, the things we just finished, what was going on at school, at work, at home... It was an ideal moment, gathered around the table, there were smiles and stories and good food filling our stomachs.

Kate and I then dropped a bombshell on the kids: We got together all the way back in 1998. Nineteen-ninety-eight! Practically the dark ages!

Godzilla had the thought that perhaps we were really really old, if we were old enough to get together in the nineteen hundreds. We didn't quite understand his meaning at first, so when he uttered those words, I had no clue what he meant by passed. I don't know about you, but 34 doesn't seem that old to me, and 1998 feels like yesterday. Perhaps he thinks Kate and I should have moved on from each other by now, after all, 17 years is a long time to be with someone, especially when you're just 7?

So, we asked him to explain what he meant by "passed".

"You know, (insert cartoonish death mask face here) that kind of passed" he replied.

It went by in a flash, but you couldn't miss it. He thought we should be dead by now! 1998 was before the 2000s. 1998 had a 19 at the start! Things happened in the 1900s like the invention of cars and the moving picture shows, two world wars, the great depression, women's suffrage, JFK, the space race, desegregation, the moon landing, disco, the smallpox vaccine, the cold war, MTV, Chernobyl, the Berlin wall, the personal computer, email, OJ Simpson... all of it is ancient history to a kid born this side of Y2K. Naturally, it's amazing that we, his parents who got together in 1998, are still alive and kicking.

Oh, one more thing, that face he made? Priceless.

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