Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lessons for (and from) our kids...

have a catch

We teach our kids all the time, and sometimes, they teach us a lesson or two.

  • you can never have too many McDonald's napkins in your glove compartment (a pack of wet wipes never hurts either)
  • never try to reason with a two-year-old, he'll never believe you
  • the best memories just happen, they'll remember a random romp in the rain before a planned trip to practically anywhere
  • a good book is nothing to a favorite book
  • superheros are necessary, they show us that good will overcome any evil.
  • wearing a favorite dress can make any day better
  • get your kids involved in everything, even holding a hammer while you tear down a wall will stick with them forever
  • you won't die if you try a new food.
  • apparently you may die if you try a new food you don't want to like
  • never give your kids the "I hope you have children like you someday" curse, it would be much better to wish an end to that vicious ugly cycle
  • ice cream can solve any problem
  • you can offer to record any TV show if it gets the kids to stop fighting you on bedtime / chores / lunch / etc., most kids will forget that deal by the next day
  • be ready with candy if you didn't record the aforementioned show and they do happen to remember
  • its never too soon to have a catch with your kids in the yard
  • take time for family game night, it teaches math and the importance of rules, and builds memories at the same time
  • bows makes everything prettier... including dad
  • flames make everything faster... especially dad


  1. I second the trying to reason w/ a two year old thing. You might as well save your breath! haha

    1. Both my kids are to stubborn for their own good. I can't imagine where they got that from!