Sunday, April 21, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Bubbles?

     So its a nice spring day, yes a little chilly, but get off my back, I said it was a spring day. Anyway, we have two flowering bushes on the side of our house, and one cold day a few weeks ago, we trimmed some branches off of one of them. Being the busy (re: distracted) people we are, we left them in a pile on the side of the house. Of course they have been bugging me since, but I hadn't gotten out to bundle them for the curbside pickup yet. So, today around noon, I headed out to take care of them, and the kids naturally follow me right out. It didn't take long and so when done, they wanted to play. Godzilla went for his bike and Nat grabbed the bubble wand the Easter Bunny brought for her.

     The nice thing about bubbles is that they captivate anyone who dares pick up a wand. The bad thing; the bubble solution never lasts long enough. Thankfully, its easy enough to make though. A little dish soap and some water and you're off and blowing again. The other amazing thing about bubbles is that they can never be too big.

     Enter dad.

     A rolled up sheet of paper, a little Tupperware® and fresh bubble solution and the kids are back at it. I love encouraging them to think outside the box. To find new ways to look at things. To solve problems they may find around any corner. With the paper, they can get a bigger bubble, just by forcing less air through a bigger wand. Of course, Dad likes to overdo it a little as well. Don't tell anyone, but it may be my fatal flaw. Once I had them going with their bubble horns, I set to work improvising a giant wand (you know, one of those two sticks with a looped string between them thing).

     The giant wand worked well enough, but it was a little too windy to get really good sized bubbles that wouldn't pop right away. However, the point of it was to introduce a new idea, to challenge the standard and see just how much better we could make it on our own. Judging by their smiles and laughs, I'd say mission accomplished.


  1. Awesome idea! These are things we are learning in school. How to teach the children to problem solve, think outside the box and be inventive. You sure you don't want to be a teacher?

  2. Ha! Kate and I have talked about that before, I do well with our kids, but it's always hit and miss with other people's children. Truth be told, I even have my moments during the after school arts classes I've taught!