Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stuff My Wife Says II

"Oh yea, and I'm pregnant."

Wait, what? I thought we were done. Afterall, kid2 is 4 and will be 5 by the time january comes around. Kid1 is 8 (will be 9). Who knew that after all this time, we'd have another one?

Kate had gone to the doctor for a routine visit, and when I picked her up after the appointment, started with something about needing to pick up a prescription. I think I asked her if everything else was ok and she came back with that.

Talk about burying the lead.

To be honest, I'm excited as can be. I love the idea of having a third child. For a long time, I think our family has been missing something. But for an equally long time, I haven't felt like we were ready to have another child. And now here we are. Ready or not.

Oh yea, and happy Mother's Day!

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