Friday, May 24, 2013

Where is Heaven, and What do we do When we get There?

About a week after our neighbor's dog died, Godzilla and I were sitting on the front porch taking a break from our street-ball game when he asked me "Where is Heaven? I don't think its underground." That's his little mind still working through this new concept of death. We had driven past several graveyards in the preceding week and talked about how people are buried there so their families have a place to go and remember them.

He knew though that those graves just couldn't be where Heaven was. So, we talked about it. Threw some ideas out there. Had a laugh and pondered God and Great Grandpa chillin' up in the clouds. I had to ask him what he would do if he could just be floating around up in Heaven with anyone he liked. Perhaps sharing a smoothie with Superman? Baseball with the angels? Nope, he wants to go mountain climbing with me.

So, now the question is do they sell "Mountain Climbing for Dummies" in Heaven, or should I start reading up on it now?


  1. I have been reading through your blog posts and actualy had a little tear! How wonderful to read about your relationship with your children! My Husband is a great Dad our children adore him, I would love him to write about his experiences and thoughts like this so I can share them too!

    1. Thanks for looking around! I started writing in a journal and found I would misplace it and forget about it. This has been much more rewarding!