Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ads Even Zach Rosenberg Could be Proud of

Advertising has been focusing on moms for ages. This means that men in general and dads in particular are consistently put down by advertisers, but there is one man, Zach Rosenberg who has decided to make it his mission to level the playing field. At, Zach and his partners in old-school gaming graphic themed website running bring attention to the ads we watch every day, in an attempt to open our eyes to the stereotypes portrayed right before our eyes.

Zach Rosenberg
From analyzing dadvertising in the Super Bowl, to his year-end review, Zach Rosenberg is fighting the good fight to show that dads too can be respected on screen. There are things dads are doing every day in real life, things that should be respected and praised. We are not all Ray Romano's bumbling, incompetent character from "Everybody Loves Raymond."

So the next time you see a dad in an ad, ask yourself how accurate that stereotype is. I'm hoping what you see is a positive message, and even more so, I'm hoping that reflects the dads you see off-screen as well!

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