Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stuff My Kids Say X

Godzilla: "Dad, I know how the dinosaurs died. All the pterodactyls got together and used their beaks to crack the earth's crust. When it cracked, it made volcanoes..."

The story continued for neigh on 20 minutes, waxing poetic about Brontosaur, Mega Crocs, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. We cover all grounds, from archaeologists to oceanographers, and prehistoric sharks evolving into today's great whites. All of it is laced in fact, all of it incredibly detailed, if not fantastical. And he is passionate in his story-telling. He speaks with the authority of someone four, maybe five times his age. And I am in awe from start to finish. When he summarily rejected my theory that flying dinosaurs probably couldn't crack through the earth's crust, I knew he meant business.

As his tale wrapped and I thanked him for informing me, telling him what a great storyteller he is, he dropped a bombshell on me:

"Thanks, Dad. That's why I tell you stories, so you know what a good storyteller I am. This story was all fact. Dinosaurs really died this way. The other stories I tell you, you know, the ones about the 80s? Those are all made up. I just tell you those to impress you."

So now it's up to me to print a retraction on his other stories about the 80s. If you've not heard them, I'll throw down some links for you. There was the one about 80s love money. The one on 80s fashion. And when dragons and bigfoot roamed the 80s!  Apparently these are all works of fiction, and I apologize if anyone feels mislead by the false information presented in the pages of this blog. 

There was a time where Godzilla didn't talk, but spent his time instead, using the few sign language signs we had taught him and grunting. He was incredibly effective even then at conveying his thoughts. He has spent the last three years working with a speech therapist however, and now never stops talking. And I wouldn't have it any other way. There is always a new yarn to spin, an adventure to embellish or a dream to share. His imagination is active as his brain works through the problems of the world around him, and he shares those inner workings through telling stories.

With all that going on, the best part about it is that I get a front row seat to the show!

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