Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dress Up

We have a large hamper full of dress up clothes at our house. It started when Nat was just a little thing. We would pick up princess costumes after Halloween on the clearance rack. And the collection grew. She was even given her very own pop-up "fashion show" tent. As far as costumes, we had a little of everything, from Cinderella to Belle, to renaissance, to flapper-girl. And jewelry, shoes and purses to match.

Oh the purses!

Then along came Godzilla. And train conductors, firemen, knights and superheros all began appearing in the hamper. He has masks and belts and hoods and capes and even a pair of fireman boots. The two of them go through phases where dress-up is included in every day's play. Right now is one of those phases. They are forever wearing masks and crowns and "glass slippers" and capes.

Godzilla has created his very own personal superhero identity called "Secret Super Savage". It consists of three or four capes, a green mask and muscle shirt, a lightsaber and Captain America's shield. Nat is still regularly a princess, and finally fits her aunt's clear heals from Prom. But they will both cross over and wear capes or dresses. Whatever the day warrants.

I love to watch their imagination take such a large roll in their daily play. Its something kids have been doing for centuries, and the availability of such a variety of costumes today only makes it that much easier. Do I encourage it? Yes. Do I enjoy it? Also, yes. Do I ask them to pose for me when they get dressed up so I can get a picture? Of course (I have a blog, and fully intend on embarrassing them once they're older)

But today, something happened.

Nat was on the front porch in a fancy gown, complete with hooded cape, glass slippers, crown and hoop skirt.

Our neighbors were having a garage sale.

Every car that drove past slowed down and stared at her.

And she noticed.

When she came inside and pouted that people were staring, Kate and I simply told her what did you expect? You're wearing a fancy dress. They think you're beautiful!

I then asked her to show me her pouty face again so I could get a picture and document to trauma.

She was less then cooperative.

Godzilla still gets it though.

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